Entry #1

Third update for "You Are The Victim"

2015-11-29 04:47:01 by Alon-Tzarafi

Finally I feel happy about the game, or more accurately, it's presentation level to people who aren't crazy technical gamers like me.

The update was based on the many reviews here and on a few "let's play" videos I've seen of it.

The holy skip button!  "Skip Button" (By far the most requested feature lol) I've had to insert it in a way that doesn't omit important information.

But I've also made the game details as a whole clearer. It really shocked me how people could get lost in this simple game, and I hope this sort of thing doesn't happen anymore.

I do feel kinda lame for addressing all these "hot" issues only weeks after, but it was important to me and it's worth fixing the issues at any time. There's also a new Newgrounds medal now! :P

Sadly there is one RARE issue that has not been completely dealt with (http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1400641). It can slow down the game to a crawl if it happens, and the only way to play it normally is on a different browser. It's one of the most esoteric bugs I've seen in flash in my intense 10 years experience with it. I think it will probably disappear in a future version of OpenFL.


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2015-11-29 05:22:16

it's all good and thank you for sharing your work, i hope to see more of it.